PhD courses at the Department of Social Anthropology

The Department of Social Anthropology offers courses in recent anthropological theory as well as writing and method to our PhD candidates. Candidates with relevant projects from other departments or institutions may also apply. 


Time: June 13, 2022June 14, 2022

Workshops convened by Professor Keir Martin (University of Oslo) & Dr James Davies (University of Roehampton, London).

Image may contain: Sky, Cloud, Water, Plant, Natural landscape.
Time: Sep. 6, 2022Sep. 9, 2022

Culture emerges through the unfolding of interspecies relations, involving and sometimes also transforming landscapes, people and non-human species.


Glowing globe in a bed of vegetation.
Time: Oct. 11, 2021Oct. 13, 2021

The course invites the participants to develop an ecologically informed approach to anthropology, where the political is studied mainly through its effects.