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Nordic Arctic Colonization

How should colonizing practices be understood in a Nordic context?

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Photo: Marianne Lien

The collaborative project Nordic Arctic Colonization - A multidisciplinary, multispecies and multitemporal approach explores colonizing practices in the Nordic region through multidisciplinary approaches to landscape and archive. It brings together leading scholars with different expertise to develop multidisciplinary fieldwork practices of key importance for understanding colonizing practices in the Nordic context, as a platform for future projects.

The site of study is the Pasvik valley in Finnmark, North Norway, and studies are conducted at Svanhovd research station. The long-term research ambition is to explore Nordic Arctic colonization "through the soil", tracing Nordic state policy and geopolitical interests in the Arctic through agricultural, botanical and material remains. This will shed light on how colonization unfolds in the Nordic region under the banner of progress and the "common good".


The project is funded by UiO:Norden (2021-22).

Published Mar. 21, 2022 4:16 PM - Last modified Mar. 23, 2022 1:31 PM