The project collaborates with a wide range of partners, nationally as well as internationally.

At the University of Oslo, the project is a collaboration between the Department of Social Anthropology and with Kristin Asdal at the Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture (TIK) who contributes with a historical perspective on salmon management and on the role of salmon as a sentient being. The project is among the organisers of the conference ‘Sentient Creatures’, a multidisciplinary conference focusing on human-animal relatios and biopolitics.

In addition, the following researchers are directly involved in collaborative sub-projects: 

  • Ben Colombi, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Tucson Arizona. Ben has worked on the Pacific Salmon in the Colorado river in relation to the Nez Peirce Indians, and contributes with a comparative perspective on salmon management and the interests of indigenous peoples.
  • Børge Damsgaard is a biologist and researcher at NOFIMA (The Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Rresearch) in Tromsø. Børge has contributed internationally to research on fish welfare and collaborates on issues related to biology and fish welfare.
  • Sunil Kadri is a biologist at the University of Glasgow. Sunil has worked for 20 years in the aquaculture industry, and has published extensively on on fish behaviour and fish welfare. His contributes a unique combination of experience in biology, technology and innovation.
  • Cecilie Mejdell is a veterinarian at the Norwegian Institute for Veterinary Research. Cecilie works on aminal welfare with a special focus on pain perception, and is a leading expert in Norway in relation to fish slaughtery methods.
Published Oct. 11, 2010 5:58 PM - Last modified Oct. 12, 2010 4:22 PM