Eivind Ystrøm

Professor - Psykologisk institutt
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Eivind Ystrom is professor of personality psychology and leader of the genetics research group at PROMENTA Research Center. His main research interest is epidemiological studies of intergenerational transmission of risk for mental disorders. This includes extended pedigree and molecular genetic studies on passive genetic transmission and how heritable traits in parents have effect on children, or “genetic nurture”. Cross-disorder effects are rather the rule than the exception in intergenerational transmission of risk. His interests therefore spans across common mental disorders, ADHD, normal personality, and substance use. He has conducted a number of pharmacoepidemiological studies on psychotropic drugs and offspring psychological development using a range of contrafactual designs. His research team integrates national health registries and large cohort studies with biobanks to apply designs for separating direct and indirect effects in epidemiological studies of children’s mental health and neurodevelopment.


He is associate editor of JCPP Advances

Emneord: Personlighetspsykologi, Utviklingspsykologi, Arv og miljø, Avdeling for helse- utviklings- og personlighetspsykologi
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