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Tid og sted: 28. nov. 2019 11:1512:00, Seminarrom 6, Harald Schjelderups hus

Happiness and well-being have emerged as important study subjects within and across many fields of research. A major driving force behind this is the association with physical and mental health and its pivotal role in socioeconomic issues and economic development. With the increased interest in the importance of well-being it is critically important to understand and reveal sources of individual differences.

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Tid og sted: 28. nov. 2019 12:1515:00, Auditorium 3, Psykologisk institutt

Master i psykologi Linn Norbom vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden ph.d.

The illumination of the developing brain, Using MRI signal intensity contrasts to probe microstructural brain maturation, and associations with psychopathology and cognition

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Tid og sted: 4. des. 2019 12:005. des. 2019 13:00, Soria Moria, Voksenkollveien 60

Welcome to the Department of Psychology`s Christmas seminar. It will be held at Soria Moria Hotel.

Tid og sted: 5. des. 2019 18:0020:00, Gamle festsal, Karl Johans gate 47

The winner of the Human Rights Awards for 2019 is Seyran Ates.