Brain function in early-onset psychosis (completed)

About the project

We are studying a group of patients with psychosis, aged 12-18 years. The patient group and a group of healthy controls have been assessed at three time points at one-year intervals (longitudinal study - “The early onset study”).


The aim of this study is to generate knowledge relevant for the discussion of whether schizophrenia is a degenerative disorder. Present neuropsychological and morphological data have not been able to provide conclusive answers to this question.

A further aim is to find out if the early-onset and adult-onset psychoses are characterized by different neurocognitive impairments. This also pertains to the longitudinal development of these neurocognitive impairments.


The patients undergo a clinical interview and are assessed with a comprehensive neuropsychological battery (the MCCB).  Structural and functional MR studies are performed at Oslo University Hospital, in collaboration with TOP/NORMENT.


Three Ph.D. candidates, financed by the University of Oslo and Helse Sør Øst, have been part of this study. All three have defended their thesis (Holmen, Thormodsen and Juuhl-Langseth).


Holmen, Juuhl-Langseth, Thormodsen, Melle & Rund: Neuropsychological Profile in Early-Onset Schizophrenia-Spectrum Disorders: Measured With the MATRICS Battery

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