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Culture, Society & Behavior Lab

Understanding human behavior across different contexts through cultural and social psychological perspectives, and the political sciences more broadly. 

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About the group

Our research lab is interdisciplinary and part of the Department of Psychology as well as Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX) at the University of Oslo led by Jonas R. Kunst and Milan Obaidi. In our aim to understand human behavior across different contexts, we combine perspectives from cultural and social psychology, and the political sciences more broadly. Doing so, we use a variety of methods, including experimental, longitudinal, cross-sectional and multi-level designs, qualitative interviews, and a combination of explicit and implicit measures. 

Research topics

Acculturation and Intercultural Relations

How do immigrants relate to their new society of living and their own heritage culture? What are the factors shaping relationships between different ethnic and religious groups in society?

Prejudice and Discrimination

What are the factors underlying prejudice and negative stereotypes? Why do people dehumanize other groups?

Extreme Group Behavior and Political Psychology

Why are some people willing to risk their lives for a political cause? Why do people join foreign battalions? What explains willingness to commit extremist violence?

Susceptibility to Misinformation

What factors make people susceptible to misinformation online? How can we create resilience?

Gender Roles and Relations

How do gender stereotypes affect the way we view non-traditional women? How do differences in feminist identification and hostile sexism explain attitudes towards movements such as #metoo?

Achieving Social Harmony and Equality

How can hostility between groups be reduced? What kind of interventions can improve intergroup relations while also addressing status differences?

Environmental Psychology

How can we reduce meat consumption? How can we promote environment-friendly Choices?


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