Helene Amundsen Nissen-Lie

Associate Professor - Klinisk psykologi
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Room S02-13
Other affiliations Department of Psychology

Academic interests

  • Therapist effects and therapist characteristics

  • Psychotherapy process and outcome research

  • Psychodynamic/psychoanalytic theory 

  • Mechanisms of change in psychotherapy

  • The therapeutic alliance and alliance ruptures

  • Personality theory and personality disorder

I participate in several research projects nationally and internationally which study change in psychotherapy across different therapeutic methods and patient groups, while others focus on training and professional development. See below for a brief descriptions of ongoing projects: 

Current research projects

  • CAMP – Common Factors and Mechanisms of Change in Psychotherapy Investigating therapeutic factors across treatment units/patient diagnoses/ and treatment models at Modum Bad, Norway. Principal investigator.
  • DFront: Depression Forefront- Treatment of resistant depression. RCT study comparing different formats for the treatment of persistent depression at Modum Bad in collaboration with national and international researchers, led by Pål Ulvenes.
  • Norwegian Multisite Study of the Process and Outcome of Psychotherapy (University of Oslo/University of Bergen), led by Ole Andre Solbakken/ Jon T. Monsen. Naturalistic study of processes and outcomes across outpatient clinics in Norway
  • Arts & Science of Conducting Psychotherapy How collaborative action between client and therapist generates and sustains productive life change (led by Marit Råbu/Christian Moltu, University of Oslo/University of Bergen/Helse Førde HF)
  •  Collaborative Research Network of the Society of Psychotherapy Research (SPR). International study of the development of psychotherapists led by David Orlinsky, University of Chicago and Helge Rønnestad, UiO.
  • NORTRAS- Nordic Psychotherapy Training Study; a multisite longitudinal study of the learning processes involved in the training of psychology students at seven Nordic universities. The overarching aims of the study are to develop knowledge about change processes in supervision and to elaborate on the concept of psychotherapeutic competence. Principal investigators: Hanne Strømme, Hanne Oddli, UiO
  • POET- Processes and Outcomes of Experienced Therapists, University of Oslo. The goal of the POET project is to study processes and outcomes, including long-term outcome, of therapies conducted by highly experienced psychotherapists. Original PI: Helge Rønnestad; PI from 2015: Margrethe Seeger Halvorsen.
  • Emotion focused parental skills training programme. A randomized controlled trial investigating the effects of parental training based on principles from emotion-focused therapy (EFT). PI: Jan Reidar Stiegler/PhD candidate: Nadia Ansar. 
  • Improving Access to Psychological Therapies, IAPT – Investigation of therapist effects and therapist factors, collaboration with the PEARLS group, University of Sheffield, UK (Michael Barkham/Jaime Delgadillo)
  • Interrater reliability study on the "Semi-Structured Interview for Personality Functioning DSM-5" (STiP-5.1), Oslo University Hospital. PI. Benjamin Hummelen. 

International collaborations

  • SPR Collaborative Research Network- University of Chicago
  • University of Sheffield
  • NORTRAS; collaboration with all Nordic countries

Higher education and employment history

2014: Specialist in clinical psychology (Norwegian Association for Psychologists)

2011: PhD in clinical psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Oslo. 

2002: Cand. psychol (professional degree in psychology), licensed psychologist.

1997: Bachelor of Science in psychology, Royal Holloway College, University of London, England 

1991: Cambridge Proficiency of English, Oxford Academy, England

Employment history:

2014 →        Associate professor in clinical psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, Norway

2015-2017:  Specialist in clinical psychology, BUP Vest, Diakonhjemmet Hospital, Oslo, 

2014:           Psychologist in specialisation; Diakonhjemmet Hospital, inpatient psychiatric ward, Oslo

2013:           Postdoctoral research fellow in clinical psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Oslo

2012-2013:  Psychologist at BUP Vest, Diakonhjemmet Hospital, outpatient clinic for children and adolescents, Oslo, Norway

2011:           Interviewer, ‘Project Utøya’, NKVTS (Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies, NKVTS)

2010-2011:  Research fellow (Ph.D. candidate), Department of Psychology, University of Oslo

2009:           Psychologist at Vinderen DPS, Outpatient clinic for adults

2005-2008:  Research fellow (PhD-candidate), Department of Psychology, UiO

2005-2007   Candidate in the Dual Competency program/ the National Program for Integrated Clinical Specialist and PhD-training for Psychologists in clinical psychology combined positions as clinical psychologist at Diakonhjemmet Hospital and Research fellow (Ph.D candidate) at Department of Psychology, University of Oslo

2002-2004:  Psychologist at Vinderen DPS; outpatient clinic for adults, Oslo, Norway

Administrative duties

  • Union Representative (Tillitsvalgt) for the Norwegian Association of Psychologists (Norsk Psykologforening; Akademikerne)
  • Coordinator for the Dual Competency program/ the National Program for Integrated Clinical Specialist and PhD-training for Psychologists in clinical psychology at UiO. Representative from the University of Oslo, coordinating the candidates from Oslo and implementing national activities of the programme
  • International Federation for Psychotherapy, IFP; Research Committee Member (see https://www.ifpnet.org/about-us/research-committee)
  • Board member of scientific committee in the Norwegian Psychoanalytic Society


  • Young Researcher Award, International Federation for Psychotherapy, 2014

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