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The Nordic Psychotherapy Training Study (NORTRAS)

The Nordic Psychotherapy Training Study (NORTRAS) is a multisite longitudinal study of the learning processes involved in the training of psychology students at seven Nordic universities (Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, NTNU, Aalborg, Örebro, and Åbo).

About the project

The overarching aims of the study are to develop knowledge about change processes in supervision, and to elaborate on the concept of psychotherapeutic competence. Main research questions include: What are key change processes in supervision? What are key supervisor strategies? What is the role of the supervisory working alliance? How are supervision processes and psychotherapy processes related and how do they influence each other? How do the therapist, the client, and interpersonal factors impact on treatment and supervision processes and outcome?


New advanced video technology at the university clinics enables systematic parallel in-depth analyses of treatments and the related supervision sessions. The combination of video data, questionnaires, and interview data allows analyses from multiple perspectives, including participants’ experiences, thoughts, feelings and intentions, as well as their behaviours and interaction styles.

The data is primarily stored in a database within Services for Sensitive Date at the University of Oslo. The pilot phase started at the Department of Psychology in Stockholm in 2016 and in Oslo in 2017. NTNU and the University of Copenhagen will enter during fall 2017. Moreover, NORTRAS participates in a worldwide study of psychotherapy educations within the Society for Psychotherapy Research Interest Section on Therapist Training and Development (SPRISTAD), which will further increase the impact of NORTRAS results. Enhanced knowledge about training and supervision processes ensures the quality of professional training, which in turn increases clinical competence among future clinical psychologists.

Project period 2016 - 2019.



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