The PROMENTA Research Center aims to provide answers to three central questions in mental health, well-being, and drug use research.

  • What processes lead to poor and good mental health, and how?

  • How do social and geographic inequalities in mental health arise?

  • How can we develop, tailor, and evaluate effective interventions in communities to promote good mental health?

To address these questions, we examine sources of mental health on a variety of levels, such as genetic risk, neurocognitive development, the psychosocial environment, and the socio-cultural and political context.

The center is in its establishing phase and will officially open in Autumn 2019.



23 Oct.
11:15 AM, Seminarrom 6, Harald Schjelderups hus
30 Oct.
14 Nov.
10:00 AM, Auditorium 4, Harald Schjelderups House

Our research groups

The PROMENTA Research Center is organized in six research groups:

Neighborhood Genetics

All human traits are to some extent heritable (i.e. genetic variance / observed variance). However, it is unknown to what extent this is dependent on familial and neighborhood environmental factors.

Neurocognitive Development

The onset peaks for many mental health disorders and problems in adolescence parallels substantial maturational changes in the brain.

Psychosocial Determinants of Mental Health

This research group study the complex interplay of individual, family, and friendship factors.

Drug Policy Reform

This group focuses on the use of psychoactive substances and the major policy changes in this area.

Intervention - Gap Bridging

The group wishes to bridge the gap between policy, practice and research in current public health work.

Methodological Development

This researcher group will integrate and adapt the latest methods for observational studies in psychology.