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  • pegida_demo_dresden_25_jan_2015_116227094 New article and blog post: 'Different actors in the anti-Islamic movement' 25. feb. 2021 14:53

    C-REX scholar Katrine Fangen is Professor of Social Sciences in the Department of Sociology and Human Geography. In this article on the Ideology Theory Practice blog, she summarizes key findings of her previous work on anti-Islamic actors, ranging from social media groups and social movement organisations to political parties and individual politicians.

  • skriving Student activation – Why and how? 18. feb. 2021 18:10

    We ought to strive to activate the students in lectures. Not because it is more fun, or because it helps motivate them, but because it is an effective learning strategy.

  • do-s-and-don-ts Visual aids in teaching – how to avoid Death by PowerPoint 18. feb. 2021 18:10

    Why do we keep making bad presentations that even we ourselves find annoying? And why do we put so much effort into our academic work, but the minute we have to make a presentation, we simply throw it together on autopilot? And is there anything we can do about this? Tarald L. Berge will give us the dos and don’ts of PowerPoint.