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20 apr.
Tid og sted: 20. apr. 2021 12:1513:00, Zoom

Title: Individual Welfare State Experiences: How Interactions with the Welfare State Shape People’s Attitudes towards Political System

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Tid og sted: 22. apr. 2021 14:0015:30, Online

Speaker: Cathrine Thorleifsson, C-REX 

Tid og sted: 27. apr. 2021 12:1513:00, Zoom

Title: To be advised

Tid og sted: 28. apr. 2021 14:3015:30, CEST, Zoom

We will discuss Philipp Lutscher's article, "Digital Retaliation? Denial-of-Service Attacks After Sanction Events".

Tid og sted: 30. apr. 2021 14:1515:30, Zoom

Unpopular policies leading to the co-production of public services: The case of public transportation in Israel

Tid og sted: 4. mai 2021 12:1513:00, Zoom

Title: In Search of New Social Democracy: Insights from the South – Implications for the North