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23 sep.
Kvinne  i diktatoruniform på en scene
Tid og sted: 23. sep. 2021 18:0019:30, Nedjma, Litteraturhuset

Fremtidig enehersker, Sofie Frøysaa, har med podkasten Sofie kupper Norge satt seg fore å gjøre Norge til et diktatur. Møt henne i topp hemmelig samtale med Carl Henrik Knutsen, Cathrine Thorleifsson og Sofie Høgestøl.

24 sep.
Portrettbilde av kandidaten.
Tid og sted: 24. sep. 2021 10:1513:15, Zoom

Master in Political Science Ida Dokk Smith will be defending her dissertation: Unpacking decarbonization of the power sector as a political process: On- and off-path change in California and New York

Tid og sted: 24. sep. 2021 11:1512:30, Gullhaug Torg 1

Title of the presentation "Land Property Rights, Cadasters and Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Panel 1000-2015 CE”


Since the transition to agricultural production, property rights to land have been a key institution for economic development. Clearly defined land rights provide economic agents with increased access to credit, secure returns on investment, free up resources used to defend one's land rights, and facilitate land market transactions. Formalized land records also strengthen governments' capacity to tax land-owners. Despite a large body of extant micro-level empirical studies, macro-level research on the evolution of formal rights to land, and their importance for economic growth, has so far been lacking. In this paper, we present a novel data set on the emergence of state-administered cadasters (i.e. centralized land records) for 159 countries over the last millennium. We also analyze empirically the association between the development of cadastral institutions and long-run economic growth in a panel of countries. Our findings demonstrate a substantive positive effect of the introduction of cadasters on modern per capita income levels, supporting theoretical conjectures that states with more formalized property rights to land should experience higher levels of economic growth.


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Tid og sted: 30. sep. 2021 15:0016:00, Online

With Maura Conway (Dublin City University)

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Tid og sted: 6. okt. 2021 11:0012:00, Online
Stortingssalen med representanter
Tid og sted: 14. okt. 2021 10:0011:30, TBA

Martin Søyland (Political Science, UiO) presents his R package stortingscrape. This R package aims to effectivize this process for Norwegian parliamentary data. The package makes the data easily accessible, while also being flexible enough for tailoring the different underlying data sources to ones needs. The package philosophy revolves around three core consepts: 1) simplify data formats as much as possible, 2) make interconnected sources of data easily mergable, and 3) minimize overlap in information for different retreival functions.

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Tid og sted: 14. okt. 2021 15:0016:00, Online

With Stephen D. Ashe (Durham University)

Tid og sted: 15. okt. 2021 14:1515:30, Zoom

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