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  • shootings How Right-Wing Violence in Western Europe Changed in 2019 4. juni 2020 16:40

    While the year 2019 in Western Europe was neither very violent in terms of fatal attacks, nor particularly deadly in terms of fatalities, we witnessed a worrying emerging global trend of right-wing lone-actor terrorists carrying out, or trying to carry out, mass-casualty attacks. Here are some main findings from the RTV Trend Report 2020.

  • 49786738677_618a7e7ec4_k Coronavirus and Far Right: Seizing the Moment? 21. mai 2020 09:30

    How did the global far right politicize Covid-19 ? How did far-right actors seize the public health crisis? In a comment for ISPI (Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale) Graham Macklin argues that the far right was quick to capitalize upon the Coronavirus pandemic too, though its response has varied widely across countries.

  • cas-mudde-far-right-today-review Book review: Cas Mudde. The Far Right Today 7. mai 2020 10:01

    Every month, Right Now! publishes the book reviews that have appeared in the latest volume of E-Extreme the newsletter of the ECPR Standing Group on Extremism & Democracy. In this post, C-REX affiliate Tamta Gelashvili discusses Cas Mudde's latest volume The Far Right Today.