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Alcohol Consumption in Norway: A mixed-methods approach

The overall aim of the study is to increase knowledge about alcohol use in Norway. We will investigate drinking patterns, and binge drinking in particular: the predictors, stability, consequences and secular trends of such patterns, as well as young adult drinking cultures.

About the project

The project will "increase knowledge of alcohol consumption, drinking patterns and alcohol problems" (Norwegian Research Council’s Work Plan on Alcohol and Drug Research, p. 8). We will conduct studies on four aspects of alcohol use: (i) longitudinal predictors and consequences of drinking patterns; (ii) secular trends in alcohol use; (iii) drinking cultures; and (iv) the relationship between licensed premises and prevalence of violence. We will employ a variety of theoretical approaches and use different types of data.

In a sub-study, we will investigate whether locations and characteristics of pubs and bars are related to the prevalence of violence in downtown Oslo. We will use existing unique datasets, such as longitudinal cohorts with self-reported information combined with registers, repeated large-scale cross-sectional datasets, a large database with qualitative interviews and finally so-called geodata, whereby we combine data with exact locations of bars and pubs with data on exact locations of reported crimes. Below are the four sub-themes.

  1. Binge drinking: pathways, vulnerable sub-segments and consequences
  2. Secular trends and the theory of "the collectivity of drinking cultures
  3. Binge drinking: Ritual dimensions, norms, the importance of social contexts
  4. Spatial distribution of licensed alcohol premises, violence and crime in Oslo

The full project description in pdf

Funding scheme

The total grant award was for NOK 5 865 000.

Project period

2014 - 2019


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