Externally funded PhD candidates

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Annica Allvin Allvin, Annica Doctoral Research Fellow +47 40471529 annica.allvin@phs.no criminology, crime, sociology, prevention
Picture of Silje Elisabeth  Andresen Andresen, Silje Elisabeth PhD candidate sia@fafo.no
Picture of Håkon  Aspøy Aspøy, Håkon PhD candidate hakon.aspoy@nina.no
Aspøy, Tove Mogstad PhD candidate tovemas@student.sv.uio.no
Picture of Janna Bergsvik Bergsvik, Janna PhD candidate jbk@ssb.no Demography, Family policy, Gender equality, Quantitative methods
Picture of Vegar Bjørnshagen Bjørnshagen, Vegar PhD candidate vegarbj@student.sv.uio.no
Picture of Guisela Carolina Camacho Mejia Camacho Mejia, Guisela Carolina Doctoral Research Fellow +47 94477379 g.c.c.mejia@sum.uio.no Human Rights, Human Geography, Peru, Colombia, Food Systems, Global South, Gender, Latin America, Peace and conflict studies, Poverty and Development, International Public Law
Dypedokk, Kristin PhD candidate kristin.dypedokk@sum.uio.no
Picture of Marit Edland-Gryt Edland-Gryt, Marit PhD candidate 40643708 Marit.Edland-Gryt@fhi.no
Picture of Aslaug Gotehus Gotehus, Aslaug PhD candidate 97680167 aslauggo@student.sv.uio.no Human Geography, Development studies, Migration, Transnationalism
Picture of Anne Heyerdahl Heyerdahl, Anne Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850503 +47 99160461 anne.heyerdahl@sosgeo.uio.no
Picture of Nina Høy-Petersen Høy-Petersen, Nina Doctoral Research Fellow (on leave) nina.hoy-petersen@c-rex.uio.no phenomenology, Embodiment, Gender, Iconology
Jareid, Marie Støren PhD candidate rosemj@student.sv.uio.no
Picture of Marith Kristin Gullbekk  Markussen Markussen, Marith Kristin Gullbekk PhD candidate maritkma@student.sv.uio.no
Picture of Eivind Hjort Matthiasen Matthiasen, Eivind Hjort Ph.d.-candidate ehmatthiasen@fni.no
Picture of Erlend Ingridsønn Nordrum Nordrum, Erlend Ingridsønn PhD candidate erlendin@student.sv.uio.no
Picture of Jan Pesl Pesl, Jan Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22 85 88 38 jan.pesl@arena.uio.no Legitimacy, European Union, Sociology, Crisis, Financial crisis, Social data science
Picture of Oleksandr  Ryndyk Ryndyk, Oleksandr PhD candidate oleksanr@student.sv.uio.no
Sterri, Erika Braanen PhD candidate erikabs@student.sv.uio.no
Picture of Karl-Fredrik Tangen Tangen, Karl-Fredrik PhD candidate karlft@student.sv.uio.no
Picture of Gz. MeeNilankco  Theiventhran Theiventhran, Gz. MeeNilankco PhD candidate mthe@hvl.no
Picture of Sondre Thorbjørnsen Thorbjørnsen, Sondre Doctoral Research Fellow 97772409 sot@fafo.no labour geography, labour process theory, global production networks, technology, industry 4.0, advanced manufacturing, platform labour
Picture of Rikke Iren  Tokle Tokle, Rikke Iren PhD candidate rikkeit@student.sv.uio.no
Picture of Camilla Vislie Vislie, Camilla Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858903 camilla.vislie@stk.uio.no Gender, Sexualities, Youth, Subjectivity, Rape