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MA student grants

Through the student scholarships, ARENA offers NOK 20,000 and supervision for MA students writing a thesis within our research field. Application deadline is 16 October 2022.

About the student scholarships

ARENA offers three grants from October and until the end of the academic year. Successful applicants are expected to submit their MA thesis during the Spring term. Students enrolled in a Master’s programme within the social sciences, law and the humanities are eligible to apply.

ARENA affiliated students become part of the academic collegium and are expected to participate in relevant joint activities at the centre. 

Students can choose to apply for the following ARENA student grants: 

Having an ARENA researcher as your (co-)supervisor is a requirement. In order to ensure that your project overlaps with ARENA’s research interests, you are encouraged to contact the relevant researcher(s) when preparing your project proposal. 

The grant amounts to NOK 20,000 (10,000 is transferred at the beginning of the period, the final 10,000 is paid upon the MA thesis’ completion).

The aim of the scholarship

By offering student scholarships, ARENA aims to:

  • Encourage the production of MA theses contributing to increased research activity within ARENA’s prioritized fields
  • Create interest in European Studies among MA students, and thereby strengthening the recruitment to the field
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