ARENA Working Papers 2015

In this paper, Diego Praino identifies the essential structure of the EU system of government. He considers both the legal framework and actual practice of the executive-legislature relationship. 

ARENA Working Paper 5/2015

Diego Praino

In this paper, the author makes a case against the transfer of tax collecting powers to the EU and instead argue in favour of rescuing the capacity of member states to tax effectively and fairly.

ARENA Working Paper 4/2015 (pdf)

Agustín José Menéndez

This paper discusses decision-making by 'tacit consent' and its democratic qualities, arguing that this decision mode suffers from power asymmetries and opacity.

ARENA Working Paper 3/2015 (pdf)

Eva Krick

By examining the case of the European Research Area, the authors document patterns of differentiated integration across governance levels and discuss how a number of factors shape these patterns.

ARENA Working Paper 2/2015 (pdf)

Tatiana Fumasoli, Åse Gornitzka and Benjamin Leruth

The Nordic parliaments are similar in that they all exercise a robust style of oversight of their respective governments' conduct of EU affairs; they exemplify a common "Nordic model" of parliamentary scrutiny. However, the Parliaments differ in how they engage directly with the EU. This paper does a comparative analysis of the Norwegian Parliaments' actions and responses to the controversial EU legislative proposal, the 2012 Monti II Regulation concerning the right to strike.

ARENA Working Paper 1/2015 (pdf)

Ian Cooper