Dissenting Voices: European thought between tradition and rupture

Seventh webinar: 9 July 2021


What is Dissenting Voices about and what is happening?

Dissenting Voices aims at revisiting in a critical fashion European legal studies, with a view to engage critically with the very idea of what is the point and purpose of studying European law. Our contributors are concerned with the integration project in a great variety of ways. The papers that will be presented in this webinar series transcend conventional boundaries with innovative ideas and theoretical and political suggestions. At first sight, it may be thought that the project could end amounting to a mere patchwork of topics and suggestions. However, it is the very objective of our initiative that non-mainstream views come to the fore and neglected topics get explored. We believe, however, that our reading has discerned interesting patterns in what we have brought together so far and that by means of observing closely, commenting and elaborating further the ideas and projects submitted, the province of European law will be durably transformed.


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The series of webinars “Dissenting voices” is organised jointly by Birbeck College, Cardiff University, Departamento de Filosofía y Sociedad, Universidad Complutense and ARENA, University of Oslo.

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