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Publisert 22. sep. 2010 14:01

On the Ashgate webpage you can now find a presentation of EUMARGINS book 'Inclusion and Exclusion of Young Adult Migrants in Europe - Barriers and Bridges'. In addition to a short introduction to the forthcoming publication, endorsements from John Solomos and Roger Hewitt are included. 

Publisert 22. sep. 2010 14:01

In the book entitled 'Metodene våre - Eksempler fra samfunnsvitenskapelig forskning' (published by Universitetsforlaget in 2010) EUMARGINS' project leader Katrine Fangen has written a chapter about the methodological framework of EUMARGINS. The chapter presents the methodology and gives practical examples from the research project, and as such sheds light upon important challenges and methodological dilemmas.

Publisert 13. jan. 2010 00:00

Our project's first book will be available in June this year. Please view a description of the content below.