OSIRIS newsletter 2021: Impact of science – during and after the pandemic

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, there has been a great deal of activity in OSIRIS during the past year.  

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The partners have had weekly digital meetings where the participants have presented ongoing research and worked together during “shut up and write” sessions on Zoom. And with the impact of science being seen, felt, and discussed in new ways following the spread of covid-19, the OSIRIS team has been able to expand its work and begin investigating aspects of the pandemic. 

In early June, OSIRIS co-hosted the Eu-SPRI 2021 conference themed “Science and Innovation – an uneasy relationship?” The digital format attracted a record number of participants presenting and discussing their work across three themes and 23 tracks.  

During the fall of 2020 the Research Council of Norway appointed an international panel of expert to conduct a midterm evaluation of the OSIRIS centre. The recommendation of the panel, which was adopted by the RCN bord of directors earlier in 2021, is that the centre continues.  This resulted in OSIRIS receiving funding for the remaining 3 years.

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Published Sep. 2, 2021 11:39 AM - Last modified Sep. 2, 2021 12:33 PM