OSIRIS Talk: Mireille Matt

On November 7th, Mireille Matt visited OSIRIS and gave a talk on  real-time impact assessment.

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Mireille Matt visited the OSIRIS meeting. Photo: Silje Tellmann.

Real-time impact assessment

INRA, the French National Institute for Agricultural Research, has been a pioneer in assessing the societal impacts of research. In 2011 they launched the so-called ASIRPA approach, aimed at providing a theory-based comprehensive methodology for ex post assessments of the socio-economic impacts of research. With the directionality turn of science and innovation policies, INRA has further developed their approach by providing a framework for real-time impact assessments. Mireille Matt, one of the key researchers behind the ASIRPA approach, presented the framework at OSIRIS’ workshop.

Founded on theories of change and the key lesson that impacts are characterized by complexity, uncertainty and temporality, real-time assessments aim to provide researchers and policymakers with a tool to build forward-looking impact pathways. A main message brought forward by Matt is that the target of transformation should form the starting point rather than the end-point in developments of research projects and when designing interventions aimed at change. At the same time, targeted transformations may move along the way. Therefore, researchers should keep explorations open as long as possible, and involve stakeholders and end users early on.


Mireille Matt is Director of Research at French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA). She has participated in several EU, national and locally funded projects focusing on innovation and innovation policy studies, evaluation of societal impacts of large R&D programs and publicly funded research, and university-industry technology transfer issues. She has published her research results in international peer reviewed journal.

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