OSIRIS Consortium meeting 2018

On September 10-11th, the OSIRIS consortium gathered in Valencia to discuss preliminary results and progress, and welcome new team members.

Happy OSIRIANS from TIK, Statistics Norway, MIOIR and INGENIO in Valencia. Isamel Rafols and Pablo d'Este were away at the time of the photo being taken. Photo: Lars Wenaas/UiO.

The OSIRIS team gathered in Valencia 10-11 October for this year’s full consortium meeting. We had two intense and stimulating days of presentations and discussions. Some of the important items of the agenda were the following:

  • Presentation of the new researchers in the OSIRIS team.
  • Preliminary results from the Norwegian pilot survey to ministries and agencies about use of research.
  • Preliminary results from the macroeconomic analysis about inter-industry spillover effects of R&D.
  • Progress on three of the in-depth case studies: traffic congestion, biodiversity and rare diseases.
OSIRIS Director Magnus Gulbrandsen gives an update on the progress and status so far. Photo: Lars Wenaas/UiO.

2019: Cross-country work and seminar series

We also laid plans for the rest of 2018 and for 2019. The most important decision here was to increase our ambitions for cross-country work. We will strive to do the Norwegian policy survey in the UK and possibly elsewhere, and we will select cases of research impact that allow for a deep comparison across national settings.

In addition, we will start a policy-oriented seminar in Oslo about every second month, starting early 2019. Topics for the seminars will be discussed in advance with policymakers and other stakeholders.


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