New PhD Course

In the last week of November 2017 OSIRIS will organise a one-week PhD course called "Research, Innovation and Impact". The role of public research in innovation, university-industry relations, impact and policies supporting impact are central themes. The course will also be open to a small number of practitioners.

The course aims to look more closely at different aspects of how public research contributes to innovation and the broader societal impacts of investment in scientific knowledge. What do we mean when we talk about public research? How and why does it matter for innovation and impact in industry and in society? How can this be studied empirically? Is there a way to resolve the many contested issues emerging at the intersection between entrepreneurship, science and innovation policy? Can we find new and alternative indicators for impact?

These are central questions in science policy and in studies of innovation, research and research organisations. The OSIRIS team contributes with lecturers which will combine traditional presentations with student involvement and practical exercises. The course could be open for practitioners who are able to set aside time for this one-week intensive course. We are also considering opening a few of the lectures for a wider audience.

A very preliminary description of the course can be found here, and a somewhat longer version with tentative outline is found here. The course is part of the TIK PhD portfolio, it is defined as a core course in the Norwegian Research School in Innovation (NORSI), and it is a deliverable in OSIRIS.

By Magnus Gulbrandsen
Published June 5, 2017 11:31 PM - Last modified Feb. 25, 2019 1:38 PM