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Room 508
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 31Eilert Sundts husblokk A0851 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1091 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic interests

Thematic: History and Anthropology, Maritime Anthropology; Anthropology of Religion, Anthropology of Humanitarianism

Regional:  Mediterranean; Middle East


Courses taught in English 

SOSANT 2530 Development

SOSANT 2610 The Anthropology of Food

Sosant 2610 The Anthropology of Contemporary Islam 

Sosant 1200 Political Anthropology 

SV9104 PhD Research Ethics 

ANTH 4030 Advanced Anthropological Methods

Sosant 9013 Phd Writing and Methods  


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Nefissa Naguib`s work is inspired by her interest to understand the contemporary world and to understand human and more-than-human interactions. Her research has involved fieldwork in several culturally complex societies in the Mediterranean basin, Brazil, Norway and Spain.  Her book Water, Women and Memory: was about water as an agent of history. The book, framed as a postcolonial ethnography, made an argument about writing that attends to complex historic and social dynamics. With the publication of Interpreting Welfare and Relief in the Middle East (co-edited with Inger Marie Okkenhaug), she addresses the period between 1850 and 2005, a time span of colonization, occupations, wars and conflicts.  As a follow-up, Nefissa co-produced War, Women, Welfare in Jerusalem (nominated for Al Jazeera documentary film festival 2010). 

Her monograph Nurturing Masculinities: Men, Food and Family in Contemporary Egypt is a reframing of gender in the Middle East. It contributes to the transnational gendered representations of men and women in Arab societies. Her most recent book Reconceiving Muslim Men: Love and Marriage, Family and Care in Precarious Times (co-edited with Marcia C. Inhorn) describes new ways of being men, despite the persistence of old patriarchal norms, and offers new understandings of the meaning of concepts such as care and nurturing and of gender itself. 

In addition, she have explored the parallels between migration and globalization in her articles on Middle East minorities, particularly Jews and Armenians: both played important roles in colonial history.

In subsequent years, she has refined her work on history and anthropology, writing a series of articles addressing breakthrough events. Results of this research are evident in some of her recent articles on humanitarianism.

Nefissa Naguib retains her interest to bridge the gap between anthropology, history and global politics in her current research project titled  Merging Seas, Channelling Seafarers: A maritime anthropology of human and more-than-human circulations & cultures across the Suez Canal. 




Tags: Political Anthropology, Maritime Anthropology, Social History, Humanitarianism, Material Culture, Food and Water, Mediterranean, Norway, Middle East, The Suez Canal


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