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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Charline Kopf Kopf, Charline Economic anthropology, Political Anthropology, Postcolonial studies, Infrastructure, Mali, Senegal, France, urban Anthropology, Medical Anthropology
Picture of Christian Krohn-Hansen Krohn-Hansen, Christian Professor +47 22855716 power, nation and state, economic anthropology, globalisation, Carribean studies, The Dominican Republic
Picture of Hege Leivestad Leivestad, Hege Researcher Economic anthropology, Labour, Mobility, Infrastructure, Housing, Europe, Spain
Picture of Marianne Elisabeth Lien Lien, Marianne Elisabeth Professor +47 22855733 Consumption, Food, Nature/culture, Material culture, Economic anthropology, The Nordic countries, Australia
Picture of Celine Maria Møyen Motzfeldt Loades Loades, Celine Maria Møyen Motzfeldt Senior Lecturer +47 22858990
Picture of Keir James Cecil Martin Martin, Keir James Cecil Professor +47 22856603 Political Economy, Psychotherapy
Picture of Samira Damaris Marty Marty, Samira Damaris Stipendiat +47 22854994 Guatemala, Nicaragua, Gender, Violence, Post-conflict societies, State, Inequality, Racism, marginalisation, post-colonial theory, Latin America, Power, Central America, Political theory, Temporality
Picture of Christian Peter Medaas Medaas, Christian Peter Stipendiat Environment, Technology, Material culture, Sustainability
Picture of Solomon Mekonen Mekonen, Solomon Stipendiat Visual Anthropology, Gender, Postcolonial studies, Sexuality, Race
Picture of Marit Melhuus Melhuus, Marit +47 22856543 Kinship, Biotechnology, Social change, Morality, Latin America, The Nordic countries, Economic anthropology, Legal anthropology
Picture of Signe Mikkelsen Mikkelsen, Signe Stipendiat +47 45782809 medical anthropology, africa, toxicology, interdisciplinary research, environmental health, cancer, epidemiology, history, public health
Picture of Nefissa Naguib Naguib, Nefissa Professor +47 22857560 +47 91710778 Political Anthropology, Maritime Anthropology, Social History, Humanitarianism, Material Culture, Food and Water, Mediterranean, Norway, Middle East, The Suez Canal
Picture of Kirsten Milo Tromborg Nielsen Nielsen, Kirsten Milo Tromborg Adviser Neoliberal development, Infrastructures, Energy, Sustainability, Trust, Conflict Studies
Picture of Marie Stormo Nilsson Nilsson, Marie Stormo Stipendiat Economic anthropology, Political ecology, History, Postcolonial studies, Indian Ocean, France
Picture of Anita Nordeide Nordeide, Anita Stipendiat Nature, natural resource management, materiality, human- animal relations, The Nordic Region, Norway
Picture of Samwel Moses Ntapanta Ntapanta, Samwel Moses Stipendiat +4741256071 Economic Anthropology, urban Anthropology, Waste, Value, Infrastructures
Picture of Knut Gunnar Nustad Nustad, Knut Gunnar Professor +47 22858431 +47 92430365 Ecological anthropology, Politics, Nation and state, Power, South Africa
Picture of Jon Rasmus Nyquist Nyquist, Jon Rasmus Senior Lecturer
Picture of Giorgos Poulimenakos Poulimenakos, Giorgos Stipendiat +306946566696 Political Anthropology, Economic anthropology, Infrastructure, Globalisation, State, Violence
Picture of Theodoros Rakopoulos Rakopoulos, Theodoros Associate Professor +47 22855875 +47 93026562, 228555875 Economic Anthropology, cooperatives, mafia/antimafia, labour, solidarity, food, activism, silence/talk, egalitarianism, austerity, personhood
Picture of Jon Henrik Ziegler Remme Remme, Jon Henrik Ziegler Associate professor +47-22854042 Religion, Rituals, Christianity, Animism, Southeast Asia, Kinship, Social organisation, Philosophy, Ontology, Taboos, Personhood, Symbols
Picture of Cecilia G. Salinas Salinas , Cecilia G. Postdoctoral fellow 228 56104 +4747059347 Politics, Diversity, Indigenous peoples, Resource management, Climate change, Latin America, Uruguay and Argentina
Picture of Arnd Schneider Schneider, Arnd Professor +47 22857625 Anthropology of art, Material culture, Migration, Visual Anthropology, Latin America, Sicily
Picture of Elisabeth Schober Schober, Elisabeth Associate Professor +47 22855396 Economic anthropology, Labour, Gender, Asia, South Korea, Philippines
Picture of Elizabeth Sibilia Sibilia, Elizabeth Postdoctoral Fellow Maritime Anthropology, toxic waste, Geography, Uneven development, Labour