New English master's programme

From the autumn 2019, the Department of Social Anthropology will offer a new master’s programme in Social Anthropology. The new programme will be teaching focused and job market relevant, and in English, to include students from all over the world.

Photo: UiO/Anders Lien

- We have revised our master’s programme and created a new English master to be able to offer an even better programme with the opportunity to study in an international environment in close cooperation with our researchers and research interests, says Jon Henrik Ziegler Remme, Head of teaching at SAI.

The programme will have two streams. The students can choose to follow either Contemporary Ethnography or Global Political Economy. Both streams will include one semester of fieldwork and one semester dedicated to writing the master’s thesis.

If you are interested in society and the world around you, and how global processes shape our lives, then you should choose this master’s programme. You will receive teaching of high quality and the opportunity to do your own research on a subject of your choice, supervised by internationally acclaimed researchers.

The two streams are:

Contemporary Ethnography

Ethnography has become a much sought-after tool in different workplaces in the recent years, for instance in consulting, NGOs and telecommunication. This Master’s programme is unique in its heavy focus on ethnography with the mandatory six months fieldwork. The programme focuses on how ethnography may be useful in the current job market.

Global Political Economy

In the current context of ongoing global economic uncertainty, anthropological perspectives have often had a surprising influence on policy makers and public opinion shapers. This specialization will consist of three courses: 1. “The Anthropology of Globalization”, 2. “Finance, Market and Resources” and 3. “Work, Capital and Business”.

- We will of course keep the best aspects of our current master’s programme:  all students produce an original piece of research through extended research with participant observation and the flexibility our students have in pursuing their own interests.

More information about the new programme

Published Sep. 18, 2018 10:24 AM - Last modified Oct. 31, 2018 8:50 AM