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Risk factors for development of dementia (completed)

Can we say something about the risk of developing dementia at an early stage?

About the project

The development of dementia involves a neurological process which progresses over many years from normal functioning to mild cognitive difficulties and further to dementia. Mild cognitive impairment can have many causes, and the project aims to identify risk factors which are associated with dementia development. Patients at AHUS (Akershus University Hospital) with mild cognitive impairment shall be investigated with cognitive tests, MR-scanning of the brain and other bio-markers. Follow up over time will give a foundation for the identification of risk factors.


The objective is to treat dementia disorders at an early stage and thereby delay or stop the development of dementia.


We have studied how a combination of MR changes in brain areas of significance for memory, in combination with pathological markers in spinal fluid, affect neuropsychological function. In addition to signs of atrophy of the hippocampus, MR measurements also suggest a weakened integrity of fibre connections to other areas have significance for cognitive functions. The group with abnormal total tau in the spinal fluid strings had more serious memory loss and hippocampal atrophy, while those with normal total tau had weakened fibre integrity. See publications.


The project is cooperation with the University of Gothenburg and covers a broad spectrum of cognitive, neurological, biological and genetic factors. It build on an hypothesis on mechanism and chronology in development of Alzheimer’s disease which demands a multifactorial approach and a long term follow up period for testing. A common investigation protocol will facilitate faster results.


The Centre for Study of Human Cognition is responsible for the charting of cognitive function in the Norwegian part of the survey. One hypothesis is that different types of cognitive dysfunction are associated with different biomarkers and different prognosis. We have shown that patients with memory loss differ from patients with impairment of other cognitive functions on MR.


Research funds from AHUS og Helse SørØst


Oslo University Hospital, University of Gothenburg

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