The Oslo-Toronto Alliance in Lifespan Changes in Brain and Cognition

LCBC CAN is a new partnership to develop world-class research and education through establishing new collaborations between the research centre LCBC and Canadian partners, Rotman Research Institute and SickKids affiliated with the University of Toronto.

About the project

The project will investigate changes in brain and cognition with age in relation to risk and protective factors across international cohorts. We will broaden samples, replicate and compare findings to determine which aspects are universal and for which aspects cross-cultural differences apply. For this, the project will center on establishment of databases harmonized and standardized across sites.


The partnership will build excellence and mobility of research staff and students through international exchange. Both research and training (Master, PhD and Post-doc level) will be enhanced in in elements of cognitive neuroscience where the groups possess complementary expertise, including in genetics, epigenetics, cardiovascular, and metabolic measures (SickKids), brain maturation, mental health and substance use (Rotman), cognition, multimodal imaging, and longitudinal measurements (LCBC). This complementarity is also seen at the level of data samples, where the Canadian groups have access to multiple imaging cohorts, including a two-generational cohort (adolescents and their middle-aged parents), while LCBC is particularly strong on linkage of neurocognitive and registry information. Establishing new collaborations with these partners will enable major empirical and theoretical advancements in understanding brain and cognition through the lifespan.


The project will help establish which biomarkers predict cognitive function and mental health in a lifespan perspective, and which factors, e.g. nutritional or health-related, that will improve cognition or mental health if targeted by interventions or lifestyle changes at different ages. Hence, the project aims to be of high scientific, educational and societal value.


The Research Council of Norway (INTPART) 2017 - 2020


The project is a collaboration between the research centre LCBC and Canadian partners affiliated with the University of Toronto (The Rotman Research Institute and the Research Institute at the Hospital for Sick Children).

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