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Healthy sexual aging

A mixed-method study of sexual function and sexual well-being in older European adults

Illustration: Lisa Aisato

About the project

In Europe, older adults are a growing group of citizens that is thought to have more sexual difficulties with increasing age. While sexuality is long believed to be unimportant for older men and women, there are reasons - due to for instance cultural changes - to believe that current and future older adults will value their sexual health more than those from previous generations. Health authorities in European countries are gradually realizing that a growing number of older adults will regard their sexual health and sexual well-being as an important issue, even as a human right. Currently, there is a lack of empirical data about how older adults experience and cope with the physical, psychological, and relational changes that affect their sexual health.


The project aims to provide in culture-specific knowledge that will enable policy makers and health professionals to better react to the challenges associated with older adults' sexual health and well-being. In addition, we propose to design evidence-based education and intervention programs for: (a) health professionals in geriatric care; and (b) older individuals and couples struggling with sexual health related issues. It is known that European countries differ in terms of sexual cultures and the social organization of sexuality, and these differences are historically rooted. For example, North- and South European countries strongly differ in sexual norms, attitudes and behaviours based on sociocultural differences in terms of gender roles and gender equality.

Preliminary data from Norway can tell us something about how sexually active the older adults are. In the recently conducted survey, we used a broad definition of sexuality, and asked a representative sample of 60-75 year old Norwegians if they had had some form of sexual activity last year. As much as 91% men and 74% women answered yes to the question. The gender difference is explained by the fact that more women than men in this age group live alone.


The project is financed by the Research Council of Norway (FRIHUMSAM - Researcher Project) 2016 - 2020.


The research project is a collaboration between the Department of Psychology and partners at University of Zagreb, University of Southampton, University of Sheffield, University of Copenhagen, University of Leuven, ISPA-University Institute Portugal and The Centre for Welfare and Labour Research, Norway.


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