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Being moved: A social-relational emotion

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Experiences of "being moved" can be intense emotional episodes that involve strong feelings for others, crying and goosebumps, and social motives. We investigate the basis of this emotion in social relations using a variety of measures.


We have first evidence on the determinants and correlates of the experience, which are currently under review. These data have largely been collected in cooperation with students of the PSYC3102 course.


We investigate experiences of being moved using Relational Models Theory (Fiske, 1992).


The project has been supported financially by internal funding from the Department of Psychology.


We collaborate in this project with:

Ravit Nussinson, The Open University of Israel

Kitty Dymont, The University of South Africa

Lei Zhu, Fudan University, Shanghai

Alan Fiske, Social Psychology and Anthropology, UCLA

Patricia Arriaga, ISCTE-IUL, Lisboa


We use the resources of the research group for this project, in particular the psychophysiology lab and the online survey tool Qualtrics.


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