Morten Eikeland

Phd Candidate

Academic interests

  • Group psychology, teams and intergroup relations

  • Leadership and leadership development

  • Epistemic cognition

  • Moral psychology

  • Social relations

  • Judgment and decision-making

PhD Project

The project aims to develop a theory of Group Actively Open-minded thinking (G-AOT). Hitherto, actively open-minded thinking has been studying as an individual level phenomenon and is related to a thinking disposition and a standard of thinking for rational thinking. This encompasses a reflective way of processing information and regulating confidence in one’s opinions. Groups and teams also engage in thinking by forming, sharing, exploring processing and evaluating ideas, beliefs, opinions, evidence and goals (opportunities), however group-level open-minded thinking has not been studied directly. In this project, I aim to examine how group actively open-minded thinking can be recognised and conceptualised in groups. In addition, the questions I explore is how high and low G-AOT is manifested in groups. What patterns of interaction, argumentation, listening and questioning, verbal and non-verbal behaviours can be identified as high and low G-AOT. In addition, I also want to explore how leaders facilitate or inhibit G-AOT. Another goal of the project is to use the findings of the exploratory qualitative study of real management groups to develop a G-AOT scale. My aim is to test and validate a G-AOT scale.


  • Program Director and Senior Consultant at AFF v/ NHH. I am worked in AFF since 2007
  • Msc in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia from 2005


Principal Supervisor: Beate Seibt, Professor, Department of Psychology, UIO

Co-supervisor: Henning Bang, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, UIO

Tags: Social Psychology, leadership, Decision Behaviour

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Published Mar. 23, 2022 2:52 PM - Last modified Apr. 5, 2022 1:01 PM