Helen Mitsuko Suizu Norheim

PhD candidate

Funding and collaboration

The research project is funded by Association Dam, by the Norwegian Council for mental Health.  The project will be carried out at AHUS. 

PhD project

This research evaluates a parenting program, Tuning in to Kids (TIK), an intervention which aims to prevent the onset of social, emotional, and behavioural difficulties in at-risk young children. TIK aims to improve parents’ emotional responsiveness and emotion regulation in order to assist their child to begin to understand and regulate their emotional reactions and to reduce stress for parent and child. The children`s teachers will receive a shortened version of TIK in the same timeframe.

Academic interests

Children’s development and emotional development, attachment, parental reflection, mechanisms of change in parent-child therapy. 


  • Master in Educational Psychology 2007
  • Specialist in Clinical Pedagogic with Psychotherapy for adolescents. Worked in Out-patient Day Clinic for Children and Adolescent, Mental Health since 2008- 2019

Research team


  • PI researcher Marianne Aalberg at the Department of Research at Akershus University Hospital (FOU AHUS)
  • Associate Professor Sophie S. Havighurst at the University of Melbourne

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