Cilje Sunde Rolfsjord

PhD candidate

Funding and collaboration

The PhD-project "TellMe More: Client feedback in specialist child and adolescent mental health care" is funded by South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority as a 50% position over 6 years. 

About the project

At Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital (Lovisenberg), the child and adolescent mental health clinic Nic Waals Institute (NWI) is pioneering an advanced client feedback system (CFS) for our services, to meet requirements from health authorities, as well as address the long-identified needs of clinicians and users of the services, of being able to collect systematic feedback from youth and caregivers. The technical solution “TellMe More” allows for easy data-collection where patients and caregivers fill in questionnaires on iPads before each meeting with their therapist at the clinic. Graphs depicting changes in symptoms and function from week to week will be immediately available to the therapist to inform patient care, as well as being collected at a group level in a quality register. 
The primary aim of this study is to investigate the usefulness and effects of a client feedback system (CFS) for children and adolescents in mental health care, based on what is found in the existing research literature focused on adult patients. We expect to be able to determine the effects of a CFS on patient symptoms, treatment duration, and drop-out from treatment. We also expect to determine the perceived usefulness of a CFS by therapists, patients and caregivers, and its impact on alliance. We will also determine the CFS´s validity, by comparing the measures to other, independent measures collected outside the CFS. This is considered especially important, in order to be able to secure that the CFS yields clinically meaningful results.

Academic interests

  • Child and adolescent psychotherapy research
  • Client feedback, measurement feedback, patient reported outcome measures (PROMS)
  • Child and adolescent clinical psychology and therapy
  • Mentalization based therapy and research


  • Clinical psychologist and head of research at Lovisenberg diaconal hospital, Nic Waals Institute
  • Clinical psychologist (cand.psychol.) from the University of Oslo (2003)
  • Specialist in child and adolescent clinical psychology
  • Extensive experience with clinical work with children, adolescents and families in specialist mental health care

Research team

This project is a collaborative effort of the Nic Waals Institute and the research department at the Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Eastern and Southern Norway (R-BUP). Nic Waals Institute has a strong research environment with internationally acclaimed researchers funded by South Eastern Norway Health Authority (HSØ). There are also other ongoing research projects at the Institute, in collaboration with Oslo University Hospital, and other departments at Lovisenberg, which inspires the clinic in sustaining a continuous focus on research and development of new methodology. The research group consists of the following persons: 
  • Anne-Siri Øyen: Project leader, clinical psychologist, PhD. Øyen has extensive experience in coordinating international research projects based on MoBa and national registries. She has been the Clinical Director of the Autism Birth Cohort Study, a sub-study of MoBa conducted at NWI in collaboration with NIPH and Columbia University, and of the Norwegian Influenza Study research clinic (NorFlu). She has received several grants from the South East Health Authority, including PI of a doctoral fellowship in 2011 (A. Havdahl, 2012-2015, 8 publications and awarded Best Dissertation at the 2017 International Meeting for Autism Research), a postdoc fellowship in 2013 (C. Roth, 9 publications so far), and two postdoc fellowships in 2018 (A.Havdahl and L. Hannigan). She is currently the head of the Infant and Preschool Section at NWI and has worked clinically with children and youth since 1996. 
  • Hanne Sofie Dahl: Main supervisor. Cand.psychol., PhD, Post Doc at Vestfold Hospital Trust and Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Psychology, University of Oslo. Dahl is an active participant in the youth psychotherapy research group at the Institute of Clinical Medicine. Specific competence in process analyses, relationship variables, and outcome in psychotherapy. She has a broad international research network, and is in the steering group of the RCT-study FEST-IT.
  • John Kjøbli: Co-supervising the study. Kjøbli is head of research and senior researcher at R-BUP, and professor at the University of Oslo. His expertise includes evidence-based practices, implementation science, and performing experiments in real-world settings. He has conducted six RCTs, and has a well-established national and international research network. 
  • Kristian Rognstad: PhD-candidate from R-BUP. He will collaborate on the study of the client feedback system TellMe More.
  • Milada Småstuen: PhD, statistician at Lovisenberg and associate professor at Oslo Metropolitan University. She will assist with statistical analyses. 


  • Part of leader-group for Research group for mental health, at Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital.
  • Member of Research Council (Forskningsutvalget), at Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital
  • Chair of "Ruth Fuglerud og Grete Hoffs legat", trust fund for education in mental health work.
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