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  • Portrettbilde av kandidaten. Disputation: Ida Dokk Smith 24. sep. 2021 10:15

    Master in Political Science Ida Dokk Smith will be defending her dissertation: Unpacking decarbonization of the power sector as a political process: On- and off-path change in California and New York

  • Stortingssalen med representanter stortingscrape: An R package for accessing data from the Norwegian parliament 14. okt. 2021 10:00

    Martin Søyland (Political Science, UiO) presents his R package stortingscrape. This R package aims to effectivize this process for Norwegian parliamentary data. The package makes the data easily accessible, while also being flexible enough for tailoring the different underlying data sources to ones needs. The package philosophy revolves around three core consepts: 1) simplify data formats as much as possible, 2) make interconnected sources of data easily mergable, and 3) minimize overlap in information for different retreival functions.

  • oslo-nuclear-forum-2021 ONF 2021: Russian Nuclear Weapons and European Security 15. okt. 2021 14:15