Resettlement of refugees – state governance and local implementation

The state responsibility for resettlement of immigrants, often with non-western background, may cause turbulence in traditional local communities. The project focuses on how central government may carry out responsibilities towards resettlement of immigrants while local authorities have a possible veto in the implementation stage.

About the project

The project is managed by professor Anton Steen. The argument of the project is that successful implementation depends on how the local leadership responds to instruments of the welfare state, how leaders are shaping the local discourse and adapt to a skeptical mass opinion. The empirical material constitutes a database including all Norwegian municipalities and their decisions on resettlement of refugees, interviews, debates in the municipal council, public documents and population surveys.

You can read more about the project on its norwegian webpage

Published Oct. 6, 2010 1:53 PM - Last modified Nov. 9, 2010 9:45 PM