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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Elin Arntzen Arntzen, Elin Senior Executive Officer +47 22845119 Political Science, student advisor, master's programme in Political Science, STV4141
Picture of Ida Weseth Bjøru Bjøru, Ida Weseth Administrative Head of Department + 47 22857680
Picture of Øyvind Colbjørnsen Colbjørnsen, Øyvind Senior Executive Officer +47 22855178 BA International Studies, Exam master, admission master, Urkund, Fritt Ord scholarship, Student councelling
de Flon, Frida Rygh Executive Officer
Eidstuen, Mari Senior Executive Officer +47 22841905
Picture of Ilze Gehe Gehe, Ilze Research Adviser 22850589 Research management, Research Communication
Picture of Linda Gulli Gulli, Linda Research advisor 22859716 Research management, Research Communication, EU
Picture of Dagfinn Hagen Hagen, Dagfinn Administrative Manager +47 22850461 +47 22850461 Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX), External funding, Research support, Research administration, Research policy, Research Communication, The Research Council of Norway, H2020, EU
Picture of Sjur Emilio Hesthammer Hesthammer, Sjur Emilio Adviser +47 22841815
Picture of Siv Håberg Håberg, Siv Senior Executive Officer +47 22856074 International cooperation, Mobility, student exchange, Student guidance, recognition
Picture of Elin Kristine Nilsen Nilsen, Elin Kristine Senior Executive Officer +47 22855592 BA Political Science, exams bachelor, Syllabus bachelor, Student councelling
Saie Nasab, Nazaneen Higher Executive Officer +47 22841625 BA programme in public administration, Exam appeals, Lesson planning, TP, Guest researchers, confirmations, Student councelling
Picture of Katrine Kirkeby Suur-Nuuja Suur-Nuuja, Katrine Kirkeby
Picture of Eivor Vold Skjelbostad Vold Skjelbostad, Eivor Senior Executive Officer Seminars, Evaluation, Canvas
Picture of Lene Ziyang Aamodt Aamodt, Lene Ziyang Higher Executive Officer