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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Øyvind Colbjørnsen Colbjørnsen, Øyvind Senior Executive Officer +47-22855178 Exam, admission master, Urkund, Fritt Ord scholarship, Student councelling
Picture of Ilze Gehe Gehe, Ilze Adviser +47-22850589
Picture of Dagfinn Hagen Hagen, Dagfinn Administrative Manager +47-22850461 External funding, Research support, Research administration, Research policy, Research Communication, H2020, EU, The Research Council of Norway
Høiland, Thea Executive Officer
Picture of Siv Håberg Håberg, Siv Senior Executive Officer +47-22856074
Picture of Eirin Kristiansen Kristiansen, Eirin Senior Executive Officer +47-22854230 Study coordinator, Web editor, Seminars, Canvas, Pedagogical development, STV4141-Praksis
Nasab, Nazaneen Saie Higher Executive Officer +47-22841625
Nilsen, Elin Kristine Higher Executive Officer +47-22855592 exams, bachelor, syllabus/achievement requirements
Picture of Jord Nylenna Nylenna, Jord Senior Executive Officer +47-22841609
Picture of Eivor Vold Skjelbostad Skjelbostad, Eivor Vold Executive Officer Public defence, Travel booking
Picture of Malin Folgerø Stensland Stensland, Malin Folgerø Senior Executive Officer
Sundby, Sara Higher Executive Officer – On leave
Picture of Ida Weseth Bjøru Weseth Bjøru, Ida Head of Office – On leave
Picture of Sarah Younes Younes, Sarah Senior Executive Officer +47-22840923 PhD
Øvregard, Guro Schmidt Head of Office +47-22857186