Miroslav Nemcok

Postdoctoral Fellow - Institutt for Statsvitenskap
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Visiting address Gullhaug torg 1 0484 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1097 Blindern 0317 Oslo
Other affiliations Institutt for pedagogikk (Student)

Research Interests

My research addresses the reasons why people support democratic systems - mainly performance of democratic institutions, welfare state policies, and the results of their political participation. My papers have appeared in Political BehaviorParty Politics, European Political Science Review, Politics, East European Politics and Societies, among others.

However, I tend to get easily excited about topics reaching beyond the above-mentioned clusters. Therefore, some of my works deal with population growth models, youth political participation, adoption of postal voting, and democratic innovations (mostly in Central and Eastern Europe - CEE).



Prior to joining the University of Oslo, I was a Finnish Cultural Foundation postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Helsinki (2019-2020) and a research specialist at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic (2019-2020). During the course of my doctoral studies at Masaryk University (PhD awarded in 2019), I spent a year at the University of Tartu in Estonia (2017-2018) and a seven month period at the University of Helsinki (2018).


You can find more information on my personal webpage: http://www.miroslavnemcok.com/

Tags: Comparative Politics, Electoral Behavior, Electoral systems, Public Opinion, Central Europe


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  • Spáč, Peter; Voda, Petr; Tóth, Michal; Nemcok, Miroslav & Hrbková, Lenka (2022). The Politics of Public Spending: Actors, Motivations, and Public Responses. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9783031107719.

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  • Nemcok, Miroslav (2022). Support for the Welfare State among Benefit Recipients: A Revision of the Self-Interest Perspective .
  • Nemcok, Miroslav; Daoust, Jean-François & Ehin, Piret (2022). When Winners Become Losers: Impact of Between-Election Government Switch on the Winner-Loser Gap in Satisfaction with Democracy.
  • Nemcok, Miroslav (2022). Support for the welfare state among benefit recipients: A revision of the self-interest perspective.
  • Nemcok, Miroslav (2022). Support for Redistribution vs. Political trust: How Material Circumstances Make These Two Types of Welfare State Support Mutually Exclusive .
  • Nemcok, Miroslav (2022). What Kind of Legitimacy? How Material Circumstances Make the Two Types of Welfare State Support Mutually Exclusive.
  • Nemcok, Miroslav (2021). Purchasing Legitimacy: Are Benefit Recipients More Supportive of Welfare State?
  • Nemcok, Miroslav (2021). Purchasing Legitimacy: Are Welfare Benefit Recipients More Supportive of Their Political System?
  • Gherghina, Sergiu & Nemcok, Miroslav (2021). Political parties, state resources and electoral clientelism. Acta Politica. ISSN 0001-6810. doi: 10.1057/s41269-021-00216-5.
  • Nemcok, Miroslav & Spáč, Peter (2020). The Rise and Sustainability of Party Leaders in Slovakia: Robert Fico and Mikuláš Dzurinda, Party Leaders in Eastern Europe: Personality, Behavior and Consequences. Palgrave Macmillan. ISSN 9783030320249. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-32025-6_11.
  • Wass, Hanna & Nemcok, Miroslav (2020). What to expect when you are expecting: preferences for representation among voters and political elites, Research Handbook on Political Representation. Edward Elgar Publishing. ISSN 9781788977081. doi: 10.4337/9781788977098.00035.

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