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Spatial and Temporal Dynamics (completed)

This study will of the geographical distribution of social phenomena using GIS. The main area of focus are segregation by residence, crime, migration patterns, and distances between the residences of family members.

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About the project

This project will develop sociological methods by taking advantage of the possibilities inherited in registry data with exact location of place of residency and certain other events using coordinates by longitude and latitude (geodata). Such analyses have not been much done in sociology so far, but is applicable to a wide range of sociological topics.


Our empirical applications seek to enhance the study of

  1. urban segregation and moving patterns
  2. spatial distribution of crime and its temporal variation
  3. the geographical conditions for social contact between children and their separated parents


Funding scheme

The total grant award was for NOK 6 000 000.

Project period

January 2013 - June 2016

Tags: Standard of living, participation, GIS
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