Social events

Reception at Oslo City Hall

Time: Wednesday 15 February, 17.45

Street address: Rådhusplassen 1

Participants will be greeted by the Mayor Marianne Borgen (SV) and keynote speaker(s) in beautiful surroundings filled with Norwegian art history. Drinks and finger foods will be served. After the short speeches there will be guided tours of the City Hall for all participants. Invitations to the reception are only for participants that have registered to attend the conference on Wednesday and can be collected during registration at the University of Oslo.

The reception is organised by Future Earth Norway, a platform for global environmental change and sustainability research in Norway, organized under the auspices of Future Earth.

After the conference program has ended at the University of Oslo at about 16.45, we will leave together for the reception. The easiest way of getting to the City Hall from the University campus  is taking the metro. All lines in direction city centre can be taken from platform 1 at "Forskningsparken" metro station. Embark at the metro stop "National Theatre". From there it is only a 3 minute walk (see map underneath). 



Social event and concert at "Verkstedet" bar

Time: Saturday 18 February, 18.00

Street address: Hausmanns gate 29

On the last day of the Conference there will be a social event for conference participants with live music. Artist: "Ottestad/Sylvisphere solo session".

The easiest way of getting to "Verkstedet" bar from the University campus is taking tram no. 17 (end station "Sinsen -Grefsen stasjon") from outside Eilert Sundt building to the stop "Hausmanns gate". From there it is just a 4 minute walk to the bar, which is located in the same street as the tram stop.



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