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Ecological Challenges Conference

15-18 February 2017, Oslo, Norway

Environmental movements use the slogan “System Change, not Climate Change.” It points out that international negotiations and technological innovations repeatedly fail to reduce carbon emissions levels, and that our societies need to be profoundly transformed to prevent disastrous climate change.

At Ecological Challenges, we take this as a point of departure and focus on questions that relate to systemic change.

  • What kind of systemic alternatives are desirable and feasible in the economic, political, social, and cultural spheres?
  • What systems have to change, and why is it so hard to change them?
  • What strategies could environmental movements adopt in order to achieve system change?



  • Nnimmo Bassey,  environmental advocate and activist
  • Toni Ribas and Jennifer Coronado, Barcelona en Comú
  • Stefania Barca,  University of Coimbra
  • Karen O'Brien,  University of Oslo
  • Noel Castree, University of Wollongong
  • Arne Johan Vetlesen, University of Oslo
  • Peter Staudenmaier, Institute for Social Ecology and Marquette University
  • Ruby van der Wekken, and Siemenpuu

and many more....




  • An ecological worldview 
  • Ecological economics
  • Ecological politics
  • Movements and strategies


Ecological Challenges 2017 is organized by the Department of Sociology and Human Geography at the University of Oslo and the New Compass collective.

The conference has received support from the Research Council of Norway, Stiftelsen Fritt Ord and Future Earth Norway.

Other partners so far include:

  • Norsk Tjenestemannslag
  • Spire
  • Framtiden i våre hender
  • Future Earth Norway
  • Institutt for journalistikk og mediefag (HiOA)
  • Institutt for filosofi-, idé- og kunsthistorie og klassiske sprak (UiO)
  • Attac Norge
  • Research and Degrowth
  • Tvergastein
  • Naturvernforbundet
  • Natur og ungdom


  • Färnebo Folkhögskola
  • Bytopia
  • Staden vi vill ha
  • Demokratisk Omställning
  • OulUtopia
  • Écologie Sociale
  • ROAR Magazine
  • Straßen aus Zucker