Sylvi Birgit Endresen

Associate professor emeritus - Sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi

Academic Interests

A major research interest is theories of technological change, especially, technological retrogression. To capture such changes, a statistical method based on work histories was developed for the empirical studies that was undertaken in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Currently, I am developing my theory on technological retrogression. Economic recession and transition problems within the EU leads to a renewed interest in stagnation and retrogression processes.

Another research focus within economic geography is host country effects of foreign direct investments. I have undertaken empirical studies of Namibia's Export Processing Zone (EPZ), and in foreign direct investments in retail. At the moment, a comparative study of negative externalities of FDI in retail in Namibia and Estonia is undertaken in cooperation with Herbert Jauch, Rainer Kattel and Egert Juuse.

My main research interest within Labour geography is casualisation of workers. I consider casualisation of workers a defining trait of contemporary capitalism, and seeks to understand the phenomenon in the light of social theory on commodification and alienation. In cooperation with Herbert Jauch I have undertaken studies of the role of labour hire agencies (temp agencies) in Namibia. A study of temp agencies and outsourcing in the Norwegian hotel sector is undertaken as part of the so-called "Hotel Worker project (VAM)". in cooperation with NIBR and AFI.


  • Cand.philol. in Human Geography at UiO 1983
  • Ph.D. (Dr.Philos.) 1995
  • Associate professor at the Institute of Sociology and Human geography since 1992
Tags: Human Geography


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