Impact of temporary work agencies on the politics of work (completed)

In this project we analyse this aspect of globalisation by analysing the significance of temporary work agencies (TWAs) in the Norwegian labour market and in labour migration.

Foto: HIOA

About the project

The primary aim of the project is to analyse how the expansion of temporary agency work in Norway is linked to changes in the Norwegian labour market and its industrial relations, how  it is interwoven with wider processes of globalisation. Moreover, the project examines how this challenge to the Norwegian welfare society has been met by employers’ associations, unions and the state.

The project also aims at analysing labour market intermediaries and their cross-border networks as facilitators of labour migration to Norway. Furthermore, the project examines the experiences and proactiveness of individual workers being recruited through temporary work agencies.


Funding scheme

The total grant award was for NOK 0 000 000.

Project period

2013 - 2017

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