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Fire safety routines

Fire safety routines at Harriet Holter's house.

The following procedures apply when the fire alarm activates:

  • Close the windows, leave the office and lock the door
  • Bring your neighbors along before you leave the building
  • Lecturers have to make sure that all of the students leave the auditorium
  • If someone is unable to leave the building, tell the emergency services about their location as soon as possible
  • Use the stairs – do not use the elevator
  • Persons who use a wheelchair have to stay by the main staircase – make sure that someone can tell where you are

Floor contacts

Floor   Name E-mail Room nr. Phone 
4 Floor contact Agnes Fauske

agnes.fauske (at)

HHH 421  

Sigurd Martin Nordli Oppegaard

s.m.n.oppegaard (at) HHH 432  
3 Floor contact

Iselin Hewitt

 iselin.hewitt (at) HHH 323 58608

Marcin Sliwa

marcin.sliwa (at) HHH 334 56735
2 Floor contact Inger-Lise Schwab i.l.schwab (at) HHH 234 55255
  Reserve Siri Steen Selvig s.s.selvig (at) HHH 238 54418
1 Floor contact Maren Ringstad  maren.ringstad (at) HHH 220 45595
  Reserve Brita Langeid brita.langeid (at) HHH 235 55286
KJ Floor contact

Runa Torp Vivé

r.t.vive (at) HHH 215 41174
  Reserve Katalin Godberg katalin.godberg (at) HHH 236 56645

Evacuation assistants 4th floor: Adrian Farner Rogne, Aleksander Madsen, Are Skeie Hermansen, Eirik Jerven Berger, Torkild Hovde Lyngstad.

If the fire alarm activates, the persons responsible in each floor have to put on a vest and meet by the expedition. When we are certain that there are people responsible for all of the floors, the responsible persons and substitutes have to make sure that all rooms in their floor are empty. When you are certain that the floor is empty, leave the area and report to the representative from the Estate Department who is standing by the staircase on the ground floor. 

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