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Study areas, computer rooms and group study rooms at the Faculty of Social Sciences

As a student at the Faculty of Social Sciences you have access to the study areas and group study rooms in Eilert Sundts hus, Harriet holters hus and Harad Schjelderups hus.

Study areas in Eilert Sundts hus

2nd floor

  • The Learning Centre "Eilert": Work stations with computers and printer. The study desks are only yours while you are using them, and can not be reserved.
  • Group study rooms: These rooms are at the student’s free disposal when they are not occupied – they can not be reserved.
  • 218: Study hall for master students
  • 222/273/279: Study hall for all students
  • 236: Computer room for master students

3rd floor

  • Room 305: Meeting room for the student commitees/group study room
    Room 340, 341 og 342: Group study rooms you need to book in Outlook/Webmail 
  • Room 346: Study halls for master students
  • Room 350: Computer room for master students
  • Room 351: Computer room. Master students may use the room when it is not not reserved for teaching.

There are also study halls connected to every department on the higher floors for master students.

Study areas in Harald Schjelderups hus

  • Study hall/computer room A01-027 on the 2nd floor
  • Study areas on the ground floor

Study areas in Harriet Holters hus

  • Study halls for master students at the Department of Sociology and Human Geography.

Seminar rooms

There are seminar rooms in Eilert Sundts hus, Harald Schjelderups hus and Harriet Holters hus which may be used by students when they are open and not reserved for teaching. Go to the room schedule to see when the room is reserved. The seminar rooms can not be reserved by students in advance, but will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Study areas at the University of Oslo Library

There are study areas, group study rooms and special purpose rooms at the University of Oslo Library.

Quiet rooms

If you need to take a break from your studies, there are quiet rooms in Eilert Sundts hus, Harriet Holters hus and Harald Schjelderups hus.

Please contact SV-info if you would like to use the quiet rooms in Eilert Sundts hus or Harriet Holters hus.

Please contact the reception at the Department of Psychology if you would like to use the quiet room in Harald Schjelderups hus.

Student associations:

  • Room 210: Programme Committee for Human Geography, Development Studies and Social Anthropology
  • Room 212: Programme Committee for Culture and Communication and Economics
  • Room 214: Programme Committee for Political Science and and Public Administration and Management
  • Room 216: Programme Committee for International Studies and Sociology
  • Room 238: Samfunnsviter'n, AIESEC and the Student Council (SVSU)


The Student Council (SVSU) at the Faculty of Social Sciences are responsible for the lockers in the basement and at the Learning Centre on the 2nd floor in Eilert Sundts hus. Read more on SVSUs website.

PsychAid are responsible for the lockers ain Harald Schjelderups hus. Read more on the website to the Department of Psychology.


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