Obtaining a supervisor

Your supervisor will guide you through the thesis work and provide valuable and informed feedback about your progress

When to apply for a supervisor

As a master’s student in Economics you are intended to obtain a supervisor during either the 8th (5-year programme) or 2nd (2-year programme) semester of your studies. This is to ensure that you get an early start on your thesis and that you have a supervisor to guide you through the whole process.

In order to be assigned a supervisor, you must have passed at least 190 credits (5-year programme) / 20 credits (2-year programme) in the programme before you start your 8th/2nd semester.

How to apply for a supervisor

Students are free to contact potential supervisors themselves to make an agreement about supervision for the master thesis. Remember that external supervisors must be approved by the master’s committee. Alternatively, the master’s committee may also assist in finding a supervisor. If you want the master’s committee to help you obtain a supervisor, it is important that you inform the committee what you plan to write your thesis about in order for them to find a supervisor that matches your academic interests. 

Apply for a supervisor

Deadline: You will find the exact date under Deadlines.

Remember, you must fill out the form regardless of whether you have made personal arrangements for an external supervisor, or wish the master's committee to assign you a supervisor.

Agreement of supervision

Agreement of supervision

Changing your supervisor

Sometimes supervision arrangements do not work out as intended. Students may therefore change supervisors. If you intend to change your assigned supervisor, you must hand in a new contract of supervision, and inform post@econ.uio.no. Remember to also inform your assigned supervisor about the change.

You are only entitled to a certain number of hours of supervision in total. If you decide to change supervisor, supervision hours used with your former supervisor will be deducted from the quota of the new supervisor.

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