Project plan for the master's thesis

All master students have to hand in a project plan for the thesis and a contract of supervision one semester before they are to submit their thesis.


The purpose of the project plan is to make sure that you are ready to start working on the thesis when the semester starts.

Your supervisor has to accept and sign the plan before you hand it in. You have to hand in your project plan together with a signed contract of supervision at the reception (12th floor in Eilert Sundts House).

The plan will then be evaluated by the master committee, who will most likely approve it. Alternatively, if the committee finds that parts of it are not sufficiently specific or for other reasons should be revised, you will get feedback on what changes are needed, with a corresponding new submission deadline.


You will find the specific deadlines for each semester here.

Requirements for the plan

The project plan must be sufficiently detailed so that we can be confident that it is feasible as a master's project. The project plan should consist of the following points:

  1. Topic: What are the questions you want to address?
  2. Methods: How do you want to address these questions
  3. Data: Do you have access to the required data?
  4. Status of knowledge: What do we know about this topic already?
  5. Outline of your thesis.

While these are the general requirements, the structure may not fit all possible master projects. For example, if you want to collect data (e.g. in an experiment) as part of your master's project, you don't have to document that you have access to the data already, but that your plan for data collection is feasible (e.g. that you have funding for an experiment). Such amendments of the general requirements should be accepted by your supervisor.

Sample plan with comments: Master's thesis plan for Guy Fictitious

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