How to submit your thesis

1. Make sure that the thesis comply with formal requirements

2. Submit your thesis in Fronter

  • Log into Fronter and find the hand-in folder on the left hand side of the picture. Click on the folder. To upload your file go to the top right of the hand-in folder where you will find: Submit hand-in: Upload file
  • Upload your master’s thesis as a .pdf-formatted file. Use your last name and first name as the title of the file you upload (e.g. Frisch-Ragnar.pdf)
  • For more information on how to log in and how to hand in documents in Fronter, please see here

3. Submit your thesis in DUO (Digital Publications at UiO)

In addition to submitting your thesis in Fronter, you must submit your thesis in DUO prior to the deadline.

4. Notify the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) on the completion of your Project

  • If you have processed/obtained personal data, which is notifiable to the NSD, it is important that you notify them that the project is completed, and what you have done with the data

5. Printing your thesis

You are not required to hand in a bound copy of your thesis to the Department.The department will however cover the cost of printing 6 copies at the University Print Centre.

If you wish to order copies for your own use, you must:

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