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Guest student on master courses at the Department of Political Science

If you are admitted to a master's programme at the University of Oslo, you may apply to be a guest student.

Are you admitted to another master's programme at the UiO?

  • The application deadline is 1 August for courses offered in the autumn semester, and 5 January for courses offered in the spring semester.
  • Ask your student-/programme advisor to confirm that the course you want to apply for can be included in your master's degree. 
  • Submit the confirmation to
  • Include your name and student number.

Student at the Master specialisation in didactics for social science in the Teacher Education Programme (lektorprogrammet) at UiO? 

Please see information. 

Are you admitted to a master's programme at another University or University College in Norway?

Guest students from other universities or university colleges will not be accepted to master courses offered by the Department of Political Science

Have you already completed a master's degree in Political Science/PECOS at the UiO?

You may apply for courses in the two following semesters after you have completed your master's degree in Political Science or Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Oslo.

Send an e-mail to .

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