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Rights and obligations of PhD candidates and supervisors

The PhD candidate shall:

  • make reports or drafts or parts of the thesis available to the supervisor every six months/year, in accordance with the terms of the admissions contract. Parts of the thesis may be presented in connection with seminars,
  • deliver annual progress reports to the department according to the current provisions,
  • comply with research ethical principles for the subject area, and ensure that personal data are reported and dealt with in a proper manner, in accordance with the guidelines of the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD),
  • follow the University of Oslo’s guidelines for attribution of credit in academic publications.

Supervisors for each candidate shall:

  • keep themselves informed of the progress of the candidate’s work and assess it in relation to the work plan,
  • participate in the Faculty's Seminar for PhD supervisors
  • follow up on academic factors that may result in delayed completion of the organized research training, so that this can be completed within the nominal time,
  • provide advice on the formulation and delimitation of the topic and research questions,
  • help familiarize the candidate with the research literature and empirical data (library, archives etc.),
  • discuss and evaluate hypotheses and methods,
  • discuss results and their interpretation,
  • discuss the preparation and completion of the mode of presentation (outline, literary form, documentation etc.),
  • give guidance to the candidate on research ethical questions related to the thesis,
  • ensure that the candidate participates in an active research community, including following up the candidate with regard to internal research seminars at which the candidate may present his/her preliminary thesis work, and assist in introducing the candidate to relevant external research communities,
  • provide annual progress reports on the organized research training on the form provided for this purpose,
  • follow up on any residential requirements and report if this is not being complied with,
  • support in the reporting and proper handling of personal data, according to the guidelines of the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD),
  • follow the ethical guidelines for supervisors at UiO,
  • discuss with the candidate beforehand if the supervisor wishes to co-author a thesis article,
  • support the candidate by notifying the unit that the thesis will soon be ready for submission, so that the evaluation committee can be ready shortly after the thesis has been delivered.
  • participate in the Faculty of Social Sciences' compulsory seminar for PhD supervisors
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