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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Sebastian Tørnvall Andersen Andersen, Sebastian Tørnvall Adviser +47 22845595
Picture of Amund Bjørnevik Bjørnevik, Amund Executive Officer
Picture of Ingvill Nygård Bojer Bojer, Ingvill Nygård Administrative Manager +47 22859849 +47 47278283 Information, Studies
Picture of Hilde Corell Corell, Hilde Higher Executive Officer 22844162 Special exam, Postponed exam, Diploma, Exam arranging
Picture of Kari Marie Pound Davies Davies, Kari Marie Pound Assistant Director +47 22854243 Management
Picture of Maria Elise Dyvik Dyvik, Maria Elise Higher Executive Officer +47 22844124
Picture of Gro Hauki Hals Hals, Gro Hauki Higher Executive officer 22856263 Diploma, Exam arranging, Postponed exam
Picture of Daniel Aleksander Hatletvedt Hatletvedt, Daniel Aleksander Executive Officer
Picture of Adrian Hasnaoui Haugen Haugen, Adrian Hasnaoui +47 48 03 94 95
Picture of Kristine Berg Heggelund Heggelund, Kristine Berg Executive Officer
Picture of Kari Henriksen Henriksen, Kari Senior Adviser +47 22858822
Picture of Ingebjørg Hovde Hovde, Ingebjørg Senior Adviser +47 22856172 Organized research training (doctoral programme)
Picture of Liv Tone Måseidvåg Måseidvåg, Liv Tone Senior Executive Officer +47 22856008 Recognition, administration
Picture of Yngvil Osdal Runde Osdal Runde, Yngvil Studies Web Content Manager Web publishing, Canvas, Leganto
Picture of Marte Kløvrud Rognstad Rognstad, Marte Kløvrud Senior Executive Officer +47 22856221
Picture of Amalie Fjellestad Schumann Schumann, Amalie Fjellestad Executive Officer +47 46693415
Picture of Malin Folgerø Stensland Stensland, Malin Folgerø Adviser +47 22854827
Picture of Truls Olaussen Sætrang Sætrang, Truls Olaussen Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Tron Trondal Trondal, Tron Senior Executive Officer +47 22 85 49 71 recognition, International relations, administration
Picture of Sarah Younes Younes, Sarah Adviser +47 22840923
Picture of Siv-Ellen Østengen Østengen, Siv-Ellen Adviser +47 22858230
Picture of Malene Jordal Aase Aase, Malene Jordal Higher Executive Officer